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About Us

The Learning Company is a training and business consultancy company, based in Melbourne. We specialise in the sales and customer service functions by providing training, facilitation, review and assessment, conference management and consulting services across Australia and the Asia Pacific regions.

The Learning Company provides tailored and specifically created skills-development programs that are aligned to organisational strategies and systems. Its approach features skills gap analysis, skills development programs, training and skills coaching.

Our experience has been gained through working predominantly with service businesses and professional service providers such as finance, lawyers, engineers, architects, as well as property, information technology & telecommunications, personnel, and management and training consultants.

Our philosophy is that in service-oriented businesses, marketing, sales and customer service strategies are most successful when implemented and presented by the people responsible for delivering the services. Because service excellence relies on the people who perform the service, the sales, service and professional skills and knowledge of these people is the single most important influence on the quality of information exchange, business understanding and client relationships. Therefore, it is to these people (in conjunction with their managers) that we offer knowledge and assistance in formulating and implementing appropriate marketing, selling and service delivery strategies.


Our Training Focus

The Learning Company focuses on five core areas:

  • Performance improvement services
  • Sales and marketing management skills
  • Individual selling and consulting skills
  • Team and individual service skills
  • Large scale learning event management services