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Delivery Philosophy

The Learning Company’s skill development philosophy focuses on what we call "the 3 Ss":

Our Goals:

01 Short term: There must be something that is immediately useable by the participants. If people and organisations don’t see an immediate benefit, it is more difficult to gain the momentum and subsequent advantages from skills improvement programs

02 Sustainable: Motivation can sometimes be limited to the time during the course only. Often we take part in sessions where we are entertained and challenged and think “I must do that when I get back to work”. Unless those ideas, attitudes and methods are sustainable outside the environment that the training course provides, then improvements to the organisation’s intellectual capital cannot be realised.

03 Significant: Outcomes, over a period of time, need to have significant, measurable benefit to both the individual and to the organisation of which they are part. These outcomes need to be in the form of improved technical and professional behaviours that lead to benefits to the business.


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