Here's what some of our wonderful clients have had to say about The Learning Company and Toby Travanner:

Yet again, for the third time in the history of this Summit, I am writing to thank you for your wonderful contribution to the success of the 2019 Asia Pacific Cities Summit held last week in Brisbane.

I know we worked you day and night for four very hectic days at APCS and please accept my most sincere thanks and appreciation not only for your exceptionally professional services, but just as importantly for your sustained interest in the event and your willingness to do whatever it took to deliver a successful Summit. You anchored everything for us, from opening ceremony and dinner, all of the keynote and plenary sessions, discussion fora, interviews, some of the concurrent sessions, power sessions at the Pavilion, the gala dinner, the closing ceremony and even the Mayors Forum. I say “anchored” because your participation in these events was much greater than the Master of Ceremony role alone.Your insightful questions and content summaries at the end of sessions demonstrated your immersion in the subject matter and your understanding of the people attending the event.

Your presence throughout the Summit provided a continuity across all elements of this complex program and was greatly appreciated by all who attended. Having anchored this important Summit very time it has returned to Australia (2011, 2015 and now 2019), you are now definitely part of the APCS history and we hope to do it all again when APCS returns to Brisbane in 2023. In my mind there is no doubt whatsoever that you are Australia’s premier conference Master of Ceremonies and so much more as well.

Ashley Gordon
Proprietor and Director Client Relations
Carillon Conference Management

Toby has trained all the Corporate staff at Crazy Johns including the sales and admin staff for the last 2 years.

  • He has taught them sales techniques and customer service skills
  • Toby is energetic, informative and entertaining
  • His ability to capture and maintain the attention of the class is exceptional
  • Toby’s ability to impart knowledge to people regardless of role and level of intelligence is amazing
  • Our staff are more informed and equipped with the tools and skills that are required to effectively deal with customers and increase sales after training with Toby
  • He is very passionate about training and makes it easy to learn
  • When he talks you listen
  • Learning is easy

I recommend Toby to anyone in any organisation

Bill Asimakidis - Former National Corporate Manager
Crazy Johns Business & Government

Seriously, I wanted to let you know personally that I was totally impressed with your performance at ASBA 2009 - as our "Link Presenter"!!

I don't think we could have had a more appropriate person to MC our Conference. You did it so well. I admired the way that you did the (brief) introductions, the way you "Worked the Room", the fantastic summaries and your energetic and entertaining demeanor. You did everything we asked, you made terrific suggestions and you carried everything off without any fuss.

It was a pleasure to work with you and I thank you for helping (ensuring, orchestrating) to make it the best ASBA Conference (in 8) that I've been to.

Vic Gibbons
Association of School Business Administrators

You are an awesome MC mate. You predicted what everyone needed before they thought of it themselves. Ive never seen that. Also your stage presence is fantastic!

I must keep you in mind when someone asks for an awesome MC or when I need one myself.

Anh Do
Comedian, Author & Keynote Speaker

From the initial contact with The Learning Company through to Toby’s delivery the outcomes were faultless. The extensive research that Toby did due to the diversity of the cultures attending the event and the background on the Global IT company that was recognizing the attendees shone through during the events.

Toby was recommended by Solution RED when the client required an MC for the Gala Awards Dinner. During the briefing process it became evident to my client from Singapore that his talents were far broader. And so the journey began.

Welcome Dinner MC, Conference MC and Facilitator, Team Building Guru and at times English teacher! Toby knew that his research was vital, communicating with seven groups where English was the second language, should have been a challenge but no. Toby created visuals, signs and interpreters where possible. They were fascinated and requested he be included in their offsite dinners.

All keynote speakers were from the Global IT company, some of whom had never presented to an audience of this size. Toby ensured that they had all the necessary tools to enable them to communicate, interacted with them when he saw them struggle and added Trainer to his list of tasks. Toby has an astounding level of energy that is hard to keep up with and even harder to fault. The highlight of all the events was when Toby took to the floor and waltzed with the Asian President who had not danced in front of her peers before.

Being the professional that Toby timing is everything. When keynote speakers were on stage he was ensuring that the next presenter was in the wings and that the audio visual technician was fully prepared for each speakers requirements. Solution RED are qualified raving fans of both Toby and his company. He made us look good when we recommended him to our client and we will continue to use him internally for our sales coaching and customer service training.

Rhona Walker AFMEA
Managing Director, Solution Red

As a fellow speaker, I have had the privilege of working with Toby several times at conferences and on national corporate roadshows. Toby’s preparation as an MC is second to none. His attention to detail re introductions, content, overview of proceedings and his unique ability to support your professional needs, put you totally at ease and create partnership, are to be highly commended.

He displays enormous genuine enthusiasm, he’s articulate, appropriate, respectful, intelligent and creatively spontaneous Toby is also a wonderful facilitator. He is always “on top of” the theme, and brings rigour and his entertaining style to any inquiry/discussion…all the while, supporting participants 100% to look and be their best.

Every audience I’ve seen Toby with, adores him. He’s naturally “like-able” because he is the consummate professional, and confident without being egotistical. Toby has bucket loads of personality and enthusiasm which endears him to his audiences. You can’t help liking Toby! He recently became MC at a huge conference within a moments notice and had the 600 delegates in awe of his ability to step into this enormous responsibility so easily.

The most wonderful thing about working with Toby is that you just know that nothing can “go wrong”. Every unexpected thing that is thrown his way will immediately be handled with grace, dignity or humour.  Recently at a conference, the Running Sheet was changed without any  chance for consultation.  I was now closing a conference that had already taken the audience to an incredible “High Point”. With one look at Toby we both instinctively knew that we had to “raise the bar” to a new “finishing high” . Toby glided onto the stage and moved a chair which had been accidently left in front of the lectern, I delivered the presentation (free to seize every opportunity to make this a bigger finish) and Toby rode on the wave of spontaneity, wrapping the conference up seamlessly without the audience even suspecting what was happening for us. I can count on and trust Toby 100%. That’s “golden” in our industry...and when you are running an event or conference.

Robyn Moore - Speaker
(Considered by many as the most successful Female speaker in Australia)

Honestly the best sales training I've had. Toby and the team were amazing. Positive, fun, a lot of this I will use.

Ross Tiller
Australia Post

I thought I would drop you a quick note of thanks and let you know my teams progress since our last session with you.

The team's confidence and approach to our clients has improved measurably in a short period of time. We have had our two best months on record and seen significant growth in the areas we focussed upon in the group session.

Feedback from the team on your day was fantastic, all found it enjoyable whilst informative. I will look at booking in some more time with you in the future as I see a very positive year ahead.

Nathan Freeman
General Manager, Wireless Communications

I met Toby at a DHL executive program and was so impressed with his work that I asked him to come to Singapore develop a one-one presentation skills course for myself and my direct reports. I thought that he did a fantastic job. The material he presented was very poignant and delivered in a very upbeat and accessible manner. He has a great ability to relay realistic and useful strategies that have made a noticeable impact upon my executive members and myself. I would recommend him/The Learning Company to anyone.

Scott Price - President and CEO (2007)
DHL Express, Asia Pacific

Toby was the consummate professional – perfect for the role. Despite a somewhat limited briefing, clearly Toby conducted a good deal of private research on the speakers and their subject matter.
His summing up and interviewing of the speakers after their presentations was incisive and contributed greatly to the summation of each presentation, and the overall quality of the program.
I look forward to booking Toby next time.

Paul Kerr
Aim Higher Marketing

Australian Steel Convention

Toby Travanner is one of those rare MCs who doesn't just speak well, he LISTENS well: he listens to clients, he listens to delegates, and he listens to guest speakers. In the process he uses his considerable intellect to tailor commentary that allows an event to flow seamlessly with an engaging mix of humour, relevance and thought-provoking insights. In 15+ years of professional speaking he is, unquestionably the best MC I've worked with.

Rob Redenbach
Author and Speaker

We greatly appreciated having you as the Master of Ceremonies for the 'Business Leader's Welcome' and at 'The Commonwealth Business Advantages and Opportunities' event, which ensured the program was both engaging and professionally delivered.

By contributing to the success of Trade 2018, you have helped expand significant business relationships across the Commonwealth and inspired new perceptions of the City of Gold Coast and Queensland as important business destinations.

Kerry Peterson
Deputy Director-General

Office of the Commonwealth Games, and

Dale Dickson
Chief Executive Officer
City of Gold Coast

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